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Timeline NCPA Annual Work Plan

We are glad to announce and invite to the NCPA webinar:  Designing and Implementing Effective Whistleblowers Protection Systems to be held on June 15, 2022.
Whistleblowers have an important role not only in exposing, detecting, and preventing corruption but also in safeguarding the overall welfare of society. The fear of retaliation may deter whistleblowers from reporting their concerns or suspicions of corruption. Hence, it is critical to ensure the implementation of a balanced and effective whistleblower protection system, which ensures their protection against retaliation while also facilitating the effective detection, investigation, and prosecution of corruption cases. The webinar will seek to bring together Network members so as to exchange views on challenges and best practices in developing standards and procedures for effective whistleblower protection frameworks.
The whole Timeline NCPA Annual Work Plan for 2022 is available on:
Timeline NCPA Annual Work Plan

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